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2010-11-17 15:56:20 by CryogenicEntertain

After much ado- we are proud to announce that Build Order Pro is now displaying correctly (with some minor concessions for newgrounds/adobe security).

To get it up and running the following features were removed--- (yet still available in full @

- Sound... All of them (for downloading reasons we are loading in all of the sounds only when you need them-- we have well over 60 sound files)
- 'Live' Play button (which allows for the build order to play in real time, along side of SC2)
- Publishing (so that you can submit your Build to and get it displayed on the front page, for others to use/see/vote on)

However- You can still save a local copy of your build order, and then load it at the main website if you wish to access any of these 'deleted' features.

We hope you Enjoy our app!


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